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Anyone tried FAIR & LOVELY Skin Whitening?

Indians most popular skin whitening cream

This is probably the biggest selling skin whitening cream in India, it only costs 20 rupees which is about 20 UK pence or 30 US cents in India


Fair & Lovely Review


The Good: Lightens the face like a powder foundation, smells of nice perfume. One of the cheapest Skin lightener to buy, only £4.00 or sometimes less from Asian store. This product is very popular in India.

The Bad: Does not lighten the skin, causes spots from blocked pore. After long term use make the skin look dry and unhealthy.

User Feedback: It is like a thick powdery paste on the face and your face only looks white when this paste is applied and after when you wash it off you face goes back to normal colour. After a week of applying this cream small red spots starts to appear on skin because the skin pore gets blocked.

Fair & Lovely 30ml

Price: £4.00

Where to find it: Unilever Online and many local Asian groceries shops.

Skin Whitening Products that are made to be safe and natural are the best in their class. You should always look for types of creams designed to be kind to skin and safe to use. Skin whitening has been happening for centuries so we should never be ashamed to use skin whitening products as its just the opposite of tanning. Best of luck on your skin whitening journey.

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